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Mrs. Matthews

Current Assignments

And this week's SHOUT OUT goes to ...


the amazing men and women who do the crossing guard job! Every morning rain or shine, they attend to the safety of our students. Making sure they are safely crossing the streets. 

And this week's SHOUT OUT goes to ...


Mrs. Mendez for sharing her second-grade science activity. She brought into our class her silkworms so we could hear them eating and also watch them spin their pupa as they were in the larval stage. SO EXCITING!!

Thank you, Mrs. Mendez!

And this week's SHOUT OUT goes to ...


My 3rd-grade Teaching Team!!! 


I'm so supported by Mrs. Kipley, Mrs. Gleason, Mrs. Hughes, and Mrs. Signorio!!

I couldn't do this amazing and challenging profession without their input and them sharing their ideas and resources! It is so reassuring to know I can get encouragement from other 3rd-grade teachers!

And this week's SHOUT OUT goes to ...


Miss Charlene!


At the ranch, we enjoyed a wonderful tour and history less from our docent, Miss Charlene! She shared interesting facts and showed how to make butter, ice-cream, peel apples, and make tortillas. It was also fun feeding the donkeys and picking oranges!

Thank you, Miss Charlene, for making our field trip so wonderful!

And this week's SHOUT OUT goes to ...


Mr. Matthews, my husband! He is so patient with my work schedule and he regularly makes dinner for us.He helps me hang work in my classroom, enjoys my stories of my clever and curious students, and is supportive of my teacher expenses! He even came and read to my class at Christmas time.

Thank you Mr. Matthews - you are the BEST!

And this week's SHOUT OUT goes to ...


Wilbur, our class piglet. He is so brave going to each pupil's house and participating in the various activities the pupil will be doing while away from our classroom. I think Wilbur will actually have many exciting adventures too! Way to go sweet, little Wilbur!

And this week's SHOUT OUT goes to ...


the parents of Room 5 who wholeheartedly helped out and made our spring party a glorious success!! Thank you for all the supplies and cheerful faces as you directed the students in the classroom. Especially grateful for your positive attitudes on a rainy day! 

And this week's SHOUT OUT goes to ...


the Recess and Noon Aides!

They take their DUTY to protect our children seriously! They make sure the students are walking on the blacktop and playing the games by the school rules. Our aides give guidance to students who are having conflict and encouragement to those who are struggling with any sort of challenge! Magnolia employs wonderful people to take care of our children!

And this week's SHOUT OUT goes to ...


Mr. Harris and Mr. Harris! Nope, you're not seeing double.


On Friday we got the exceptional privilege of having both Mr. Harris; Sam's dad and Mr. Harris; Sam's grandpa come and do a couple of science experiments with our class. Mr. Harris demonstrated the power of a chemical reaction by combining vinegar and baking soda. He also showed us how to make our own slime. Mr. Harris brought a clear bulb with neon gas in it which showed us the electrical energy lit up. We had a great time!!


Thank you, Mr. Harris X two!! 

And this week's SHOUT OUT goes to ...


Mrs. Crull - Damien's mom and Mrs. Murray - CJ's mom, for coming to school today and helping our amazing Citrus Experts make lemonade!! It was SOOOO delicious! Thank you!

Guess who gave Super-Hero sunglasses to our class for Valentine's Day? What is the obvious CLUE?
Guess who gave Super-Hero sunglasses to our class for Valentines Day??
Scholarly TRAIT - Setting GOALS
Scholarly TRAIT - Setting GOALS
Mrs. Matthews
Today is a GOOD day for a GOOD day! The choice is yours!