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Students are tardy if they arrive after the 7:50 bell when the gate closes. Students who arrive after the bell are to sign in at the office before going to class. In the case of frequent absence or tardiness, parents will be contacted and a plan will be developed to improve attendance. There are no excused tardies unless a student is late due to a medical appointment and comes with a note from the appointment. 

If your student is absent please call the Magnolia absent line at (909)949-7753

Independent Study

It is expected that all family vacations will be scheduled during the yearly scheduled instructional breaks.  This is to ensure that your child has no disruption to his/her instructional program.  However, if your child will moss five or more days, you may request an independent study contract.  This is to be done a week ahead of your scheduled departure so the teacher has time to prepare the appropriate material for your child.


We urge you to schedule medical and other appointments so they do not conflict with class time.  If it is necessary that students leave the school grounds before the regular dismissal time, send a note to the teacher indicating the time and reason.  Students will only be called out of class when the parent arrives in the office so they don't miss valuable instruction.  Students must be signed out in the office before leaving.  They will only be released to their parents or someone authorized by their parents.  If they return to school following the appointment, they must check in at the office before going to class.

Keeping Students After School

A teacher may request that a child remains after school for extra help or for disciplinary reasons.  Students may be detained after school for not more that one hour beyond the close of the maximum day.  The teacher will notify parents prior to detaining a child.  No bus transportation will be provided.