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Behavior Expectations

Positive Behavior Intervention & Supports Mission Statement:

At Magnolia Elementary School, staff, students, and parents, will display Mustang PRIDE in a safe and empathetic environment while being a prepared, responsible, and respectful community with integrity.

Magnolia SchoolWide expectations

Mustang PRIDE Logo

As a school community, we have established clear behavior expectations for important locations on our campus. This includes the classroom, the restrooms, the playground, the cafeteria, the library, the restrooms, and the hallways. These expectations will be explicitly taught and consistently enforced by all Magnolia staff. 

To recognize students who adhere to the school expectations, we have planned a series of activities throughout the school year. It is our belief that establishing behavior expectations that are clear and consistently enforced will result in a positive school culture that recognizes students for all of the positive choices they make. 

Our guiding principles for all behaviors are:

  • Prepared and Responsible (at all times and in all areas on campus)
  • Respectful (with all peers and adults at all times and in all areas on campus)
  • Integrity (even when nobody is looking, at all times and in all areas on campus)
  • Demonstrate Safety ( at all times and in all areas on campus)
  • Empathy (towards peers and adults at all times and in all areas on campus)

 Response to problematic behavior:

 Minor offenses will be dealt with by the classroom teacher which will follow-up with parents regarding interventions, supports, and consequences.  Habitual minor violations can result in lunch or after school detention. Major violations or recurring minor violations will be processed by the administration and dealt with accordingly.  The administration will communicate with parents regarding interventions, consequences, other means of correction, and suspension.

Monthly Student Recognition Assemblies

Students and classes are recognized at monthly assemblies for leadership in three areas: Positive Behavior, Academic Achievement, and Special Recognition.  Parents are welcome to attend these assemblies and join in making this a special day for students.  A postcard will be sent to the families of those students being honored.