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Behavior Expectations

School - Wide Behavior Plan

A major home and school goal is to teach our children individual responsibility, self - control, and respect.  The staff is responsible for maintaining a school environment that supports this goal and holds students highly accountable for positive and productive behavior.  Across the year, the staff teaches student responsibility using the six traits of character through a program entitled "Moral Compass".  Along with these lessons of character, clearly established behavioral limits have been set and each student is expected to apply these guidelines to his/her decisions in the classroom and across our campus.

In order for this character plan to be effective, parental support is vital.  To keep communication open between home and school, a behavior notice will be sent home when a student is behaving inappropriately.  Staff members will indicate if the offense is a WARNING or DETENTION.  When the warning box has been checked, students will have discussed the situation and alternative actions with the teacher.

Cornerstones to Success

We believe that:

Each student has the right to learn

Each teacher has the right to teach

Parental involvement and support are essential to success

Therefore, all students and adults will:

Come to school on time and prepared to learn

Do their best

Take care of personal and school property

Show courtesy, caring, and respect towards self and others

Use safe conduct

General Rules

1. Act in a safe and orderly manner

a. walk in hallways and on blacktops

b. Use the restroom properly without loitering

c. Remain in designated supervised areas

2. Follow cafeteria and playground rules

3. Be respectful of others

a. Speak politely

b. follow "Hands off" rule

4. Settle disputes non-violently

a. fighting is not permitted under any circumstance

b. A.B.C. (Always be cautious)

5. Use appropriate language.  In an effort to curb inappropriate behavior before it becomes a major source of difficulty for a student, the following consequences will be utilized at Magnolia this year.


For most infractions, a written warning will be given.  If a behavior notice is issued, it must be signed by a parent and the student and returned the following day.  An automatic behavior notice will be given for disrespect, fighting, or leaving campus.

Step 1 A behavior notice may result in serving 1/2 hour detention or other appropriate consequence.  Parent contacted.

Step 2 If a student receives another warning or behavior contract, the student will serve detention and the parent will be personally contacted by the classroom teacher.

Step 3 Any further infraction will result in detention, parent contact, and principal intervention.

Monthly Student Recognition Assemblies

Students and classes are recognized at monthly assemblies for leadership in three areas: Citizenship, Academic Achievement, and Special Recognition.  Parents are welcome to attend these assemblies and join in making this a special day for students.  A postcard will be sent to the families of those students being honored.