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“Developing Potential and Excellence”

Differentiated Curriculum

We are committed to a school environment that fosters excellence and the achievement of every student’s potential.  This belief in excellence and achievement is the basis for the Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) program in the Upland Unified School District.  Productive, complex, abstract, higher level thinking skills are developed and integrated into the instruction of grade level standards.  Students in the GATE program are presented with opportunities to analyze, apply, and synthesize information.  They are expected to devise viable solutions to real problems.  Students in the GATE program are presented with opportunities to explore problems and situations that do not necessarily have one correct answer.  Students are expected to generate a variety of high-quality answers and debate both sides of an issue.

The identification process for the Gifted and Talented program is multi-faceted to ensure that all qualified students are identified regardless of language, ethnicity or background.  Referrals are sought from both teachers and parents beginning at the end of second grade and at every grade thereafter.  Eligibility for participation is determined by multiple measures including the achievement on the California Standards Tests, district benchmark assessments, work samples, student portfolios, cognitive abilities assessments, parent/teacher recommendations, and consideration of socioeconomic, cultural and linguistic background factors.