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Lorrie Buehler Locker
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Lorrie Buehler

Mrs. Buehler's Mouseketeers


In yourself and in others!


"If you can dream it, you can do it!"

~Walt Disney


Important News

WELCOME new families, friends and Mousketeers! We are off to a great start and getting back into the school routine. 


A.V.I.D notebooks and Magnolia Folders started coming home this past Monday. Please remember to initial both inside the planner (confirming that you checked your child's homework) and initial the reading log to indicate the length of time read each night.


We are asking the students to study their vocabulary words this week, by this we mean that they need to memorize the definitions. We will take the first vocabulary test together which will also provide you and our students with an example of the format. Spelling will take place next week as we alternate between the two subjects.


Looking forward to a fabulous year!



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Contact Information
Contact Lorrie Buehler  Lorrie Buehler (909) 949-7750 ex: 127 Teacher

Email me at...

Wednesday is College Wear Day


Our classroom is Harvard University, however,

you can wear a shirt from any college or university.

Friday is Magnolia Spirit Day

Wear your Magnolia wear or a green shirt!