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Safety Policies and Procedures

School Entrance Policy

Supervision prior to school begins at 7:35 AM If it is necessary for you to deliver your child prior to this time, there is an AM daycare available at a nominal cost. You may call 949-7755 for additional information.


 Crosswalk and Parking Lot Procedures

All students walking to and from school are to use the EAST crosswalk where there is assistance by a staff member. When walking toward Magnolia Park, students are to walk across the west side grassy field to the west end gate, thereby avoiding the driveway to the west parking lot.

Vehicles dropping or picking up students must use the west parking lot. It aids the flow of traffic if all vehicles proceed west on 15th St. making a right hand turn into the school parking lot. Only staff, district buses, and vehicles with handicapped tags are allowed in the east parking lot at arrival and dismissal times. This procedure has assisted in keeping traffic from turning into the pedestrian crosswalk.


Magnolia School Earthquake Preparedness Plan

General Responsibilities:

Should a significant earthquake occur during school hours, the staff is prepared to deal with the following factors:

• Cope with the hazards during the tremor and immediately thereafter.

• Conduct an orderly evacuation to a prescribed area.

• Reduce the potential for fire and electronic damage and/or injuries.

• Provide first aid to the injured.

• Account for all students and staff and direct them to assigned areas.

• Be prepared to remain on campus up to 72 hours when assistance from community agencies may be available.

• Be prepared to work with local community members who will come to the campus to seek shelter and assistance.

• Release students ONLY to authorized adults.

Bus drivers are given instructions for emergency procedures in route.  Students are also instructed in earthquake safety procedures to follow when walking to and from school and when on the playground. Drop • Cover • Hold has been practiced for all areas of the school buildings and grounds.

Earthquake emergency response plans are in place for all staff members assigned to medical, search and sweep, communication, student supervision, and maintenance teams.

Our school has equipped an emergency supply bin with medical provisions, safety equipment, tools, food and water for students and staff for a 72 hour period.