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Lexiles for 5th Grade

Fifth grade reading level is typically within the 830-1010 range. It is important that students read "just right" books! Please be aware of your child's lexile level (sent home on the progress report) and help your child pick books that are within about 100 points of their lexile. To check the lexile of a book, copy this website address in the address bar:  Enter the title of your book in the top, right-hand corner of the page. 


Sarah Fash


Wonders and GOMathWebsite Information

Login to

Then go to

Our math books and Wonders texts/vocab are available online. This is particularly useful if your child forgets to bring home their math page. 


Information for Using Google Classroom

Go to

Login using the following:

Your password is four zeroes followed by your lunch number with no spaces. 

After you have logged in, type in the address bar.