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Magnolia Character Program

Character Counts at Magnolia

Magnolia Elementry believes that building strong moral intellegence is as important as teaching academics.  Magnolia students participate daily in our character program that teaches students the benefits of having strong morals.  Students will be given lessons on important character traits like empathy, conscience, respect, self-control, tolerance, fairness and kindness.  Through out the school year we will be focusing on one of these traits at a time.  We ask that parents try to work with your student to help them better understand and demonstrate these traits.


Empathy - Identifying with and feeling others people's concerns



Conscience - Knowing the right and decent way to act and acting that way



Respect - Showing you value others by treating them in a courteous and considerate way



Self-Control - Acting the way you know and feel is right



Tolerance - Respecting the dignity and rights of all people



Fairness - Choosing to be open-minded and to act in a just and fair way



Kindness - Demonstrating concern about the welfare and feeling of others



Mustangs have strong character!!!


Magnolia Character Program