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Reporting to Parents


Parent-Teacher conferences are scheduled in November for all students and March and May for students at risk. These conferences are an opportunity for parents and teachers to jointly report/plan an educational program for students. Parents or teachers may request other special conferences as necessary throughout the year. Progress reports shall be provided at mid-term, conference time, and at end of school year.


Student Records

Cumulative records are kept for each student. Parents have the right to inspect, review, and challenge the contents of these records. To see your student’s records, please contact the school office.


Classroom Visitation

Parents are welcome to visit the school. It is necessary to have some guidelines so that visits do not interfere with the educational program. Please call the school or teacher before you plan your visit so you will know the scheduled activities for that day. Be sure to sign in at the school office when you arrive. It is appropriate to limit your visit to a reasonable length of time (20-30 minutes). If you feel the need to discuss any concerns with the teacher, make an appointment outside class time.


Books and Supplies

Students will be provided with all the necessary textbooks and school materials. Each child is responsible for the proper care of all books and materials. Charges will be made for lost or damaged books. Students may bring personal supplies (binders, felt pens, pencils, etc.) but toys and games should be left at home unless approved by a teacher.